• Rebuilding all of my websites

    I’ve had quite busy recently - on Thursday last week I discovered all of my web sites were offline, which resulted in me moving to a new hosting provider, and rebuilding every bit of content. So how did I do it?
  • News Limited and the 'sslcam' redirect

    Recently I was in the middle of researching a blog post, when my internet connection crapped out, leaving me at an odd looking URL. The middle bit of it made sense - - but what is up with the domain name?
  • East West Link and spam blogs

    A few weeks ago in my Twitter feed I found somebody taking the piss of an news article, which described the proposed East West Link freeway as “replenish seductiveness”.
  • Making TramTracker work on 'Dumbphones'

    Over the years I’ve been using TramTracker on my ancient Nokia mobile phone, until December 2013 when Yarra Trams updated the web version of the service, and rendered it unusable on older devices.
  • Testing the PTV transport data API using PHP

    Last week on March 7 Public Transport Victoria finally released something many Melbourne coders and app developers have been waiting for - a public API to query their timetable data.

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