• How far is Myki making you walk?

    If you want to catch a tram in Melbourne then you need a Myki, despite the fact you can’t buy one or top it up onboard the tram. In 2017 The Age highlighted the difficulty this can pose for intending tram passengers, in an article on myki “dead zones” - tram stops where the nearest place to top up your myki is at least a kilometre away. Coincidently I started work on an almost identical project years ago but never finished it, so what better time to polish it off?
  • 'Altostrat' - Google's fictitious company

    Microsoft is well known for their long list of fictional companies - the name of which crop up often in the documentation for their software. However they aren’t the only company to do so - Google has a fake company of their own - ‘Altostrat’.
  • Fixing my blog robot

    One thing you might not know about this site is that I don’t actually wake up each morning and type up a new blog post - I actually write them ahead of time, and set them up to be published at a future time. Unfortunately this doesn’t always work, such as what happened to me a few weeks ago.
  • Tracing a performance issue on my web server

    Managing my various web sites can be difficult at times, and my experience the other weekend was no different. My day started normally enough, as I logged onto my VPS and installed the latest security patches, then set to work on uploading new photos to my site. It was then I noticed my web site was taking minutes to load pages, not seconds, so I started to dig into the cause.
  • Fake Facebook screenshots aren't hard at all

    A few weeks ago an article about political staffers and faked Facebook posts appeared the The Age.

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