• Fixing a 'Packages with upgradable origin but kept back' error on Ubuntu

    After a recent upgrade of my Ubuntu server, every time I tried to run apt-get upgrade I ran into a mysterious error - "Packages with upgradable origin but kept back". So how to fix it?
  • Caught out by Web.Config Inheritance

    When I’m doing web development in the ASP.NET ecosystem, Web.Config files are something I’m aware of, but have been lucky enough to avoid becoming an expert on. However after a recent clean up task broke our staging environment immediately after I landed it, I ended up deep in the details of how Web.Config values are used by the framework, and a feature I had hazy recollections of - Web.Config inheritance.
  • PagerDuty Incident Responder Training

    I recently added a session on “Incident Responder Training” by PagerDuty - a company who runs a SaaS incident response platform. So what did I get out of it?
  • Apidays Live Australia 2020

    On September 15 and 16, 2020 I attended ‘Apidays Live Australia’ - a conference about APIs. They describe it as. Apidays is about the opportunities and technologies enabled by the programmable economy. As APIs become mainstream, our world becomes more connected, more automated and more intelligent. APIs are the gateway to data, services, devices and emerging technologies. APIs put power into the hands of developers, citizens and consumers. Due to the COVID-19 situation this one was held online using the Hopin platform. for a two day conference with three parallel virtual ‘stages’ there were a massive amount of speakers - here what I took away from the talks I attended.
  • Debugging page crashes on my WordPress site

    I run multiple WordPress sites across a variety of different topics, so the other day I was rather annoyed when this generic error message popped up instead of a blog post. There has been a critical error on your website. Learn more about debugging in WordPress. Since my WordPress sites are all self-hosted on a Ubuntu virtual private service that I manage myself, it was time to do some debugging.

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