• Debugging a PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT error from WordPress

    Not so long ago I attmepted to update the plugins that power by WordPress blog, when I got this error message.
  • The mobile-only website that blocks desktop users

    Back when the internet was first created desktop computers were the only means of access, but with the advent of smart phones in the past decade, visitors are just as likely to be using a smaller screen. Responsive design means that web developers can create websites that work just as good on both.
  • Conference visitor registration via an insecure web portal

    I recently paid a visit to a trade show where visitor registration was required. I was directed to a bank of tablet PCs, where I was asked to enter my personal details so that a visitor badge could be printed out.
  • Google Image Search applying OCR to indexed images

    While doing some online research research I found evidence of some new functionality in Google Image Search - when crawling the web, Google is applying OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to the images that it finds, and uses this data in their search index.
  • Debugging why WordPress missed a scheduled post

    One thing you might not know about my blogs is that I don’t wake up each morning and type up a new blog post – I write them ahead of time, and set them up to be published at a future time. Unfortunately this doesn’t always work - which sent me down a rabbit hole of debugging how WordPress manages scheduled posts.

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